Kunal Singhal

Vocal improvisation, meditative drones, live looping and instrumental tones.


Kunal Singhal has been singing with rock, folk, metal, prog and jazz bands since 2002. He bought his Boss RC-50 loopstation in 2007 to create vocal harmonies when working with musicians who were reluctant to sing.

If you’d like to get in touch, email him at kunalsinghalmusic@gmail.com

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The Lexington – Photo: Jose Ramon Caamaño
Hoxton Cabin – Photo: Shotison Music
Victoria & Albert Museum – Photo: Hydar Dewachi


27th January 2024 – Intox Extravaganza Winter Festival WeekenderSolo loop performance
With: Seaming To, Arch Femmesis, Rude Mechanicals, Xylitol, The All-New Crew of Hullabaloo, Bettina Schroeder, Poppy Liquer
Amp Studios, London
Day Tickets: £10 cash OTD
Weekend Tickets: £15 ADV


29th July 2023 – Portals all-dayerNew solo vocal loop performance
With: Tuskar, Mountainscape, Ogives Big Band, LOE, Often Rarely, Sometimes Never, Teiger
The Victoria, London

16th May 2023 – Solo vocal loop performance
With: UKAEA + Agathe Max, Lia Mice + Daniel Wyche (Chicago), Sunk Heaven (NYC)
Corsica Studios, London

2nd April 2023 – Chaos TheorySolo vocal loop performance
With: thisquietarmy, Nnja Riot, Riotmiloo, Black Arrows
New River Studios, London

8th December 2023 – Intox Extravaganza Collaborative vocal loops with poet Simon Yorkshire
With: Rude Mechanicals, Sheraws & Chris Essex, Dismal Foxtrot
AMP Studios, London

23rd-25th September 2022 – Digital Design WeekendMultiple performances on Lia Mice’s Chaos Bells
Victoria & Albert Museum, London

8th September 2022 – Solo vocal loop performance
With: Haul, Maes Y Circles, Lawd Zah
The Moon, Cardiff

31st August 2022 – Skronktronic #41Solo vocal loop performance
With: The Oneirologist, Ardler Saint, Stephen Shiell
New River Studios, London

16th August 2022 – Solo vocal loop performance and guest vocals for Nuclear Gandhi
With: Burden Limbs
The Lexington, London

5th August 2022 – Whirl-Y-Fayre Festival Solo vocal loop performance
With: Bob Holroyd, 100th Monkey, Captain Flatcap, Manmademan, Nuala, DJ Monkey Pilot and many more
Avalon Fields, Somerset

2nd July 2022 – Ceremonial Laptop’s Wooden Anniversary Solo vocal loop performance
With: Gregory Feldforth & Miles Spilsbury, Dogeeseseegod, Playworker, Barelife and more
The Rose Hill, Brighton

24th June 2022 – Cardiff Psych & Noise FestSolo vocal loop performance
With: Hey Colossus, Michael, TVAM, Evil Blizzard, Haress, Tangerinecat and many more
Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

4th June 2022- Intox Extravaganza Summer All-Dayer Collaborative vocal loops with poet Simon Yorkshire
With: Harmergeddon, Psychoyogi, Out Ink, Sheraws & Chris Essex, Mr Jones’ Loud Music Group, Dirty Viv
AMP Studios, London

1st June 2022 – Guest vocals for Nuclear Gandhi
With: Curser, House Arrest, Ava
Windmill Brixton, London

12th May 2022 – Intox ExtravaganzaSolo vocal loop performance
With: The Pink Diamond Revue, Slicer, Lello
AMP Studios, London

27th March 2022 – Oot #3 Solo vocal loop performance
With: Farr, Nadège Préaudat, Isaac Robertson + Jack Eliot Barton, Joey Sergi
Hoxton Cabin, London